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Power on-the-go. Off-grid freedom. Welcome to the revolution.

Power On-the-Go

Take your power wherever you need it with Humless.

Humless GO Power series

Say goodbye to those heavy, noisy and intrusive gas off grid generators and say hello to Humless GO Power. When coupled with our GO Solar generator, you’ll be able to enjoy a fully portable power system with none of the downsides of gas. Take Humless camping or on the road and rest easy knowing you’ll have clean energy wherever life takes you.

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Humless GO Solar series

Outdoor enthusiasts and 21st century nomads rejoice; your portable solar generator is finally here, with all the convenience of home power and none of the footprint. Our GO solar powered generator is built to the same high standards as our Home series, except lighter, more discreet and highly portable. Harness the power of the sun, wherever you roam.

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Off-Grid Freedom

Imagine your home completely off the grid. You’re imagining life with Humless.

Humless HOME Power series

You don’t truly Own Your Power or really go Off-the-Grid until you have a power storage setup. The Humless HOME Power series is the best storage system on the market. Step aside Tesla Powerwall, there's a new sheriff in town. Welcome to Off-Grid-Freedom. Welcome to Owning Your Power.

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Humless HOME Solar series

The first step to Off-Grid Freedom is capturing energy directly from the sun. Humless solar generators are made with high-quality German cells to ensure that you get the most power possible. Our panels are specifically designed to go hand-in-hand with our solar power generator. Put them together and experience true Off-Grid-Freedom.

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Mitch Matthews

Solar Owner

We were wasting so much energy with our old solar setup that we were never really “off the grid” like the manufacturer promised. Humless is the real deal. With their batteries and solar panels we all the power we need and we're finally truly off-grid.

Vicki Smith

RV Enthusiast

We spend a few months of the year traveling out of an RV, and Humless makes me look forward to those trips more than ever. We never run into any issues running out of power, and their GO battery takes up way less space than my old unit.

Kevin Casteel

Solar Owner

We’ve been wanting to install solar on our roof for years but we’ve seen so many neighbors ruin their houses with ugly panels. Luckily we found Humless. Their solar panels fit right in and we wouldn’t even notice them if we didn’t use them every day.

Introducing LithiumLiFe

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFe) = the next generation of lithium batteries.

4x longer life cycle

Humless Lithium LiFe solar batteries average 2500+ full cycles. That’s 8-10 years of fully charging and discharging the system every day! Compared to our Lead Acid-based competitors at 300 cycles and Lithium Ion competitors at 700 cycles, Humless Lithium LiFe has an average of 4x more full cycles and far less money per cycle.

⅓ the mass & weight

Lead Acid batteries are much bigger and heavier than Humless Lithium LiFe—around 3 times bigger, to be exact. For our Home Series units this means you save space and have an easier time installing the unit. For our Go Series, that means your fuelless generator isn’t weighing you down or taking up precious space in your RV, van, or tiny home.


Lead Acid batteries can release dangerous gases that could harm you and your family, while Lithium Ion batteries are a serious fire hazard. All those stories you've heard about phone batteries blowing up? Those are Lithium Ion batteries. Humless Lithium LiFe has neither of those dangers, thus keeping you and your loved ones safe at home, on the road, and overseas.

Holds Charge While Neglected

Lead Acid batteries lose their charge much quicker than Lithium LiFe...and lead acid batteries require maintenance every 3-6 months to keep them from loosing vital charge capacity! On the other hand, Humless Lithium LiFe batteries can go for long periods of time without recharging and require no maintenance. It’s your energy—own it.

No Charge Memory

Charge memory or the “memory effect” is when batteries are not fully discharged between charge cycles. They “remember” the shortened cycle, thus reducing their max capacity (length of use per charge). Humless Lithium LiFe batteries simply don’t suffer from this effect. If you only use 70% of your charge before you re-charge, rest assured your Humless will re-charge back to its 100% full capacity.

Advanced Battery Management

This advanced system monitors each and every individual cell in real time, ensuring your Humless system stays safe and runs efficiently. Our solar battery management system is the brains working behind the scenes to keep all Humless series working ‘round the clock, keeping you updated with real-time metrics so you’re never left wondering about the status of your solar generator kit.

Off-Grid Freedom

Imagine your home completely off-the-grid. Humless makes it possible.

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Own Your Power

Off-grid freedom. Power on-the-go. Welcome to the revolution.

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